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Camp Splinter is located at the confluence of Jakeman Run & Cranberry River in Monongahela National Forest just six miles from Richwood, WV.

Mary Critchfield, a Richwood Girl Scout leader, initiated a search for a permanent Girl Scout Camp. The increasing number of Girl Scouts had overgrown the facilities of former CC Camp Woodbine.

The Camp came into being on August 16, 1940, when an agreement was drawn between the "Richwood Organizational Camp and the U. S. Forest Service. The agreement provided for an indefinite period, 14 acres in the National Forest of Nicholas County. Membership consisted of representatives from each business organization, civic & religious groups in the City of Richwood. When fund-raising began workers contributed a day's pay or work, many did both, many times over. (It would be impossible to personally name all who made Camp Splinter what it is today.)

A Main Lodge was constructed according to U. S. Government standards. Girl Scouts raised money for a four-room cabin. They made & sold hundreds of Peanut Butter Cookies. The late Irene W. Groves suggested the camp be named "Camp Splinter." The Comstock Family contributed land which was used to make the access road from the top of Hinkle Mountain to the Camp.

A Girl Scout encampment at The Camp in 1941  had 85 campers and staff. The girls loved Camp Splinter so much, they even wrote a song about it. During the "War Years" of World War II, usage of the Camp decreased. By 1948 Camp Splinter was again being used and a small cottage was built to be used by the caretaker.

The lease continued in effect until 1967 when the Camp was transferred by the Forest Service to the Richwood Chamber of Commerce.

Bill Harris had been in charge of the upkeep and rental of Camp Splinter since 1973. He has recently retired. During this time the Scouts and other volunteers have improved many of the facilities and have also removed a few which were beyond repair. However, Camp Splinter is in need of tender loving care once again.