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2020 Feast of the Ramson - Apr. 18!
   Cancelled!!!        Cancelled!!!         Cancelled!!!

Four Season Outfitters will ship ramps!  Call 304-846-2862 or 304-651-6318

Cancellation Press release
Feast of Ramson

Click above for this year's Feast of the Ramson.  It will be served at Cherry River Elementary with crafters setting up at Richwood City Hall, the Richwood Fire Department, & the Richwood Public Library !

The Zodiac Sign of Aries covers in time
approximately the period of March 21 -
April 21 of each year. ARIES is the Arabic
word for Ram. This male of the sheep family
is stout, rambunctious and a bit odoriferous
- just like the ramp! Since our ancient ancestors found this plant useful for seasoning and a salad during the early season of Aries, and because of its tart and snappy taste and pungent odor, it was called the “Ram’s Son” or “Ramson”.

Richwood's "Feast of the Ramson" has been described as "the granddaddy of ALL Appalachian Ramp Feeds."  Legend has it that the first PUBLIC ramp feed was derived from a private meal, attended by thirteen ramp lovers.  At this small gathering, the men decided to "go public" the following year.

There was much hoopla connected to that initial feed.  Only men were invited and each male had to present a letter of permission to attend, submitted by his "next of kin," that absolved the newly formed "National Ramp Society" of liability.  Off to CCC Camp Cranberry they went to hear orations and tall tales.  True mountain food was cooked over an open campfire.  There was wild game of every variety and side dishes of homegrown vegetables.  It was reported moonshine was the drink of choice.  The keynote speaker was the Mayor of the City of Charleston.

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Ramps and the Ramps Festival have been such an integral part of Richwood's history so much so that one year, former Newsman Jim Comstock actually infused the ink used to print the NewsLeader with the smell of Ramps.  The smell was so strong that the local Post Office asked him to refrain from doing so next year.  

Rampie Ramp Cookbook

It is this grass roots
initiative of 1937 that the organizers of the current day
“Feast of the Ramson” point to with pride.  The modern day event has added heritage crafts and mountain-style music, but the star of the show has, and always will remain, that delicious mountain delicacy with a mystique all its own; THE RAMP.               Purchase cookbook at Chamber 846-6790