Richwood Area Chamber of Commerce
38 Edgewood Ave
Richwood, WV  26261
Phone (304)846-6790

Furniture, decorative gourds, bird houses, bulletin board
Modular chair
Large padded bench - $37.10 (BJB18)
Jane Bard, artist
Grey Shelf - $21.80 (BJB1)
Jane Bard, artist
Cindy Callahan's Birdhouses and Decorative Gourds 
Bulletin Board  Chair
Bulletin Board - $10.60 (BJB10)
Jane Bard, artist
Antique dining chair, $30.00 (HC60)
Mary Jane Williams, artist 
3 side chairs
Side Chair 3 side chairs.  Add to your dining room or put one in a spare bedroom. $25 each, (HC61-63)

Hubcap Flowers
Hubcap Flowers
$20 ea. or 3 for $50
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