Richwood Area Chamber of Commerce
38 Edgewood Ave
Richwood, WV  26261
Phone (304)846-6790

Kitchen Towels, Aprons, ceramics, shopping bags, wooden spoons
Seasonal Kitchen T Heart Wreath, $5.30 (DDT33)
         by Denise Taylor

Black/Orange Richwood Tea Towel, $7.42 (DDT31) by Denise Taylor

Towels by June McCarley:

Valentine Towel & Potholder Set, $15.90 (BJB63-1)

Shamrock Towel & Potholder Set,
$15.90 (BJB63-2)

Easter Towel and Potholder Set, $15.90 (BJB63-3)
Tea Towels Americana Towel & Potholder Set, $15.90 (BJB63-6

Bunny Towel & Potholder Set, 15.90 (BJB63-4)

Red White & Blue Stars Towel, $10.60 (BJB44-1)

Red White & Blue Stars Towel, $10.60 (BJB44-2)

Towels by June McCarley
Richwood Towel, $7.42 (DDT43) by Denise Taylor

Flower Reverse Applique Towel, $12.72
     by Kim Roberts

More towels
Watering Can Watering Can Tea Towel, $12.72
   (JKR 3) by Kim Roberts
Ceramics Shopping bags
Aprons & Adult Bibs Wooden spoons & cutting boards
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